Private services and fees

Find out more about our private services and prices

The practice offers a range of non-NHS administrative services to our patients. As this work must take place outside of NHS time, we: 

  • charge a fee – please see fee table for more details 
  • Have 28 days to complete your request 
  • Require the patient’s consent before we can process your request 

Please be aware that this service is discretionary and the GP may not be able to include some information/ complete a request in some cases. All requests are assessed by the GP before completion and if they are unable to complete your letter or form the practice will contact you. 

We do not countersign for passports or proof of identity 

For further information on Non-NHS services please see: Why does my doctor charge fees? ( 

If you would like the GP to write a statement of support for you, for example: 

  • Private sick note 
  • Support letter for housing or court case 
  • Confirmation of registration 

Then please complete the below request form and email this along with any supporting documents to  


If you have been provided with an official form that has a section for the GP to complete please make sure that you have first completed all your relevant sections before you leave it here 

Most forms require a fee, in some cases this may be requested directly from the organisation requesting the information such as: DWP, DVLA and some insurance companies or solicitors however in most cases you will be required to pay the fee to the practice yourself. 

If you would like to request a private letter or medical report on behalf of someone else you will need to provide proof to the practice that you have the patient’s consent to access their information. This could be: 

  • Proof of parental responsibility if the patient is aged 15 or under 
  • Copy of power of attorney or court order 
  • Signed consent form by the patient 


A copy of our request & consent form can be accessed below  


Private Fees 

Please see our fee table below  

Medical Reports/ Letters 

Request type Examples Additional information Price 
Report and Medical Ofsted / Fostering / Adoption/Insurance/ GPR/ eGPR  £112 
Supplementary report for Insurance Insurance company BMA agreed fee £100 per hour Check with Dr time spent 
IB113 (Government forms) Universal credit/ Employment Suport Allowance /Benefits agency / ATOS Must be returned within 10 working days for payment £DWP Pre-set by GOV on form Paid by DWP 
Discount application for the severely mentally disabled  Form states any charge is payable by patient £45 
Private GP letter / TWIMC  Private GP letter  £45 per page 
One line letters  Proof of address / ID of PT  £25 


Request type Examples Additional information Price 
Copy Notes Requested by Patients or Solicitor  Digital copy preferred method of sending. Advise PTs to join online access. Free Postage cost only, if hard copy  
Private sick note Including schools and colleges  £15 
Blue badge application form   No GP input needed. Print list of PT’s current medication only.  Free 
BUPA forms BUPA your moratorium pretreatment form BUPA healthcare practitioner’s questionnaire  Any other BUPA forms   £45 £45 Check with Dr as fee is time based 
Insurance form for illness abroad Insurance company Escalation fee often applies £45 
Holiday Cancellation Form Travel company  £45 
Fitness to participate form or letter Gym / sport / charity event / act  £45 
Fitness for accomodation form Residential/nurising/warden assisted homes  £45 
Fitness to travel Travel / Fly / Cruise  £45 
Exemption from … letter Exam adjustments or extensions / seatbelt / exercise / etc.   £45 
Fitness to scuba dive form BSAC/PADI  £60-£100 
Fitness to scuba dive form and medical BSAC/PADI  £150 
Pre-employment Form British Nursing Association / Police  £72 
 Armed forces   Pre-set by GOV on form Paid by GOV 
DVLA forms   Pre-set by GOV on form Paid by DVLA 
LGV/PCV Medical   £112 
Taxi Medical   £112 

Urgent requests/Discounts 

Request type Examples Additional information Price 
Urgent requests Expedition of any above request 1 week turn around to completion  £30 
Student discounts  NOT GIVEN –