Private Services List and Fees

Please review our list of Non NHS work that we offer at the practice, which attract a fee. This includes certificates, forms and medical examinations etc

Please be aware however that we do not countersign for passports or proof of identity.

Private Letter / TWIMC £45.00
Private Sick Certificate £16.00
Private Prescription £15.00
Exemption Letter/Form £36.00
Sickness / Accident Insurance Form £40.00
Lighter Life Forms £48.00
Pre-employment Form £72.00
Children Letter for Ballet / Stage etc. £36.00
Fitness to Fly/Travel Letter £36.00
Cancellation Holiday Form / Letter £40.00
Fitness to Participate Certificate/Letter (Gym,sport, charity event) £36.00
Fitness to Scuba Dive Form (BSAC/PADI) £60-100
Fitness to Scuba Dive Form and Medical £150.00
CICA Form £61.90-£94.15
Insurance form for illness abroad £40-80.00
School Health Report (Ofsted) £112.00
Firearms / Shotgun Licence £72.00
HGV £112.00
All Taxi Medicals and Bus Medicals £112.00
Pre-employment Medical
(Including elderly driver fitness to drive)
Capacity Report/Assessment £180-210.00
Insurance Report £104.00
Private Health Report £32.00
Written report Employer/solicitor/insurance £80-120.00
TRAVEL VACCINATIONS – Currently suspended FEE